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DC Editing Services

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About DC Editing Services

Hi! I'm Dana. DC Editing Services is my independent contractor company designed for editing (and sometimes writing) content for small-large companies. I specialize in creating engaging, accurate, and well-written material.​

My world is communication; as a professional writer and editor, everything I do centers around word usage. Recently, a client referred to me as "someone who asks thoughtful questions and is very thorough in their work, always looking at the big picture as well as the little details." That pretty much sums up my work ethic, but I'll elaborate for you. For several years, I worked full-time as a proposal and technical writer for Fortune 500 software companies. I primarily churned out instructional manuals and help files for banking systems. The work was especially challenging, but I enjoyed figuring out technological processes. I also enjoy developing creative content. So, in 2017, I established my own writing, editing, and website design company, SmartPage Business Solutions. Under SmartPage, I worked with real estate professionals, chefs, authors, medical professionals, entertainers, financial professionals, beauty experts, engineering firms, law firms, and more. Then, in 2020, after working more than 60 hours per week (yes!), I scaled back and focused on editing and developing content for a few select companies, including (owned by Dotdash Meredith), (owned by Valnet, Inc.), and Mountaintop Productions. Now, after six years as an independent contractor, I have renamed my business to "DC Editing Services" because my preference when working for others is editing. Let me clean up any misspellings, add the right punctuation, ensure content accuracy, improve readability, reorganize and reformat your content — and make sure it flows perfectly from the first word until the last.



•    Microsoft Word and Excel
•    Google Sheets and Docs
•    CMS: WordPress (Emaki), Zendesk
•    Airtable
•    Grammarly
•    iOS

•    Android    

•    Windows
•    SEO and SMO optimization
•    Video editing 
•    Online research and fact-checking
•    Website design and development
•    AP Style

•    Chicago Style Guide

Woman Typing

Clear, concise, and accurate content

Natural curiosity

Ability to understand beyond surface level

Innate attention to detail

Professional Experience

Creative, detailed, and tech-savvy copywriter and editor with a passion for developing informative and engaging content. Easy to work with and able to quickly grasp a project's full scope as well as the smaller nuances.


DC Editing Services

Copywriter / Copy Editor (Owner)

Copywrite and copy edit content for high-quality businesses of all sizes. Projects include editing website content, company documents, online articles, stage plays, bios, marketing/commerce material, and videos.

2022-2023 (Valnet, Inc.)

Copy Editor

Edited commerce (commercial) articles. Evaluated writers' overall work and provided suggestions for improvement.

2020-2022 (Dotdash Meredith)

Developmental Editor / Content Update Editor / Copywriter 

Evaluated editors' work and offered thoughtful and constructive feedback regarding article content and structure. Improved the quality and SEO value of how-to articles, fix-it articles, product reviews, and streaming data articles.


SmartPage Business Solutions

Copywriter / Editor / Website Designer (Owner)

A freelance company that provided expertly written content and inviting websites to help businesses grow. Services included writing, editing, and formatting technical documentation, company documents, press releases, website content, social media posts, proposals, blog posts, and magazine articles. Also created stock logos, set up social media platforms, and edited marketing videos.


Fiserv, Inc.

Technical Writer

Created and updated software user manuals, app instructions, help files, and system reports. Transformed complex concepts and instructions into reader-friendly documentation for financial institution clients.


Bridgeway Software, Inc.

Technical Writer/Editor and Sales Operations Coordinator

Coordinated the RFP process; worked with the Sales team to process contracts and NDAs; prepared quotes and orders for clients; maintained personnel bios; updated Sales processes; designed online surveys for clients and interoffice personnel.

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