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Welcome to!

This is an ever-evolving website created to inform, uplift, entertain, and motivate.

We all have enough resources to help us move up in life; we just have to tap into them.


Everyone has a resource or two (or ten) that they can utilize to move forward, even if it’s just a smidgen forward. Keep in mind that every increase leads to more increases.


Take a good look around and consider ALL you have access to. Think about how you want to advance in life and what assets you can pull from. 

Use what you have and watch how even the smallest resources can open a new door for you — and make you feel more at ease. The more resources we use, the closer we get to achieving our heart's desires!

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About Dana

Welcome to my site!

Here, you will find blog posts (a wide range of topics), various reviews, and more. If I'm interested in it, I'll post about it. Sometimes.

So, who am I?

I'm a professional writer and editor. I have been developing and cleaning up content for Fortune 500 companies for several years. I started as a full-time technical writer for Bridgeway Software and Fiserv. Years later, I decided to switch things up, and I became a freelance editor for Lifewire, AndroidPolice, Microsoft, Mountaintop Productions, and more.

NOTE: At this time, I am only available to copy edit and proofread content.


I LOVE writing and editing. Always have. In addition, I love nature, human psychology, honesty, a good laugh, mystery, and much more. 


Stick around.



These aren't my only values, but they are the first ones that come to mind.

Honesty Integrity Respect Christianity Happiness/Joy Laughter Hard work Fairness Kindness Strength Health Perseverance Freedom

What are your values?

What do you value? What do you give your time and attention to? Over the years, I've come to realize that we make sacrifices for what we value. So, for example, if you say you value your body but don't practice healthy rituals (i.e., sacrificing junk food for more nutritious snacks), how much do you really value your body? Example #2: You say you value your marriage, but you accept every overtime shift, even though you don't really need the extra money. The truth is you prefer to spend evenings with the gang at work. Who/what gets your time and attention? What do you value the most? Example #3: Although you don't really enjoy sports, you haven't missed any of lil’ Junior's football games. You put up with the sweat and various plays because Junior (your son/nephew/grandson) is on the team. When he sees you in the stands, he waves at you with pride and appreciation. You wouldn't want to disappoint him by not being there when he looked for you. Although you might sometimes prefer to be at home watching your favorite TV shows, Junior’s getting your time and attention on game night. There, your value lies. One more example: You’re constantly buying new clothes and shoes, but you need to go to the dentist. You smile with your mouth closed in all those beautiful vacation photos. Fixed teeth would give you the confidence to smile with your mouth open -- and probably reduce some pain. What are you valuing more than your mouth’s health? Clothes and vacations? If so, fine. But just know what you are valuing the most. When we break it down to that granular level, we can clearly see what our values are. We then start making choices more reflective of the values we want/claim to possess. Consciously choosing to act in alignment with our professed values makes us feel good about ourselves. This spreads some natural light over our lives, as we are keeping our promises to Self and our Higher Power (Jesus). Nothing feels quite as fulfilling.

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