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Welcome to!

This is an ever-evolving website created to inform, uplift, entertain, and motivate.

Time for you to step inside!

If you want something different, you have to do something different.

A word for happiness

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About Dana

Welcome to my professional and personal site


Here, you will find blog posts (a wide range of topics), videos, movie/TV show reviews, and more. If I'm interested in it, I'll post about it. Sometimes.

So, who am I?

To sum it up, I'm a professional writer and editor. I have been developing content for technical and creative companies of all sizes for several years. While remaining up-to-date on the latest technology, I also love nature, human psychology, honesty, and a good laugh. 

Coming up:

My own projects. 

Silk Texture


These aren't my only values, but they are the first ones that come to mind. What are your values?

Honesty Integrity Respect Christianity Happiness/Joy Laughter Hard work Fairness Kindness Strength Health Perseverance Freedom

Minimalistic work place

Latest Blog Posts

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