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Just Start

Welcome to my blog!

Time to start sharing videos, pics, and all the stuff I've been writing

You ever find yourself totally clueless and unable to figure something out? Or perhaps overwhelmed by so many options or responsibilities?

I remember being stumped one night several years ago. I was trying to figure out how to operate a new software app created by developers at my job. Their role was to develop the software, while my (new) role was to write detailed instructions explaining how to operate it. Sounds simple, but the tech writer (me) often has to figure out how to run the software and then explain that process in step-by-step instructions.

I was so lost. I actually dropped to the floor by my desk and let the tears flow. In that moment, I felt incompetent and not-so-smart. I really thought I’d have to tell my boss that I couldn't handle the project.

But then, right before I gave up, I decided to JUST START testing and writing about the new software. By daylight, I understood every part of it.

Dana Cain figuring something out at her desk
Figuring it out

Lesson Learned

That night I learned a valuable lesson: Sometimes, you have to dive into a project or a life change and figure it out along the way. Don't overthink before starting. That "thinking" time could be "working on it" time. Of course, you should read up or whatever is necessary to prepare, but then…you get to work.

So, that’s what I’m going to do – just start posting content. I’ve been taking zillions of pics and videos for several years, and I’ve written sooooo much. So, day by day, I’ll share it with you.

Get ready.

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